How To Clean Under Macbook Keyboard

How to clean under macbook keyboard

You might wonder how to clean the keyboard on your MacBook Pro if it’s covered in stains and smudges. It doesn’t take much to get a MacBook keyboard dirty. You’ll get dust on your MacBook keyboard from the air to crumbs from late-night snacking.

We’ve got you covered if you need to clean your MacBook’s keyboard. Learn how to dust your MacBook’s keyboard, remove stuck-on grime, and more.

We’ll show you how to clean under your MacBook keyboard in the sections below. Our MacBook keyboard cleaning guide will help you keep your device running.

Come on, let’s get started!

How To Clean Under MacBook Keyboard? Step By Step Guide

Now, let’s explore the detailed steps to clean under your MacBook keyboard:

Step 1: Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

Before you begin, it’s essential to assemble the necessary cleaning supplies. You’ll need a few items, such as compressed air, a soft brush, isopropyl alcohol, and cotton swabs. These tools will aid you in cleaning your MacBook’s keyboard.

Step 2: Power Off Your MacBook

Ensure your MacBook is powered off completely before proceeding with the cleaning process. This precaution will prevent any accidental damage while cleaning under the keyboard.

Step 3: Tilt Your MacBook

Tilt your MacBook to an angle of about 75 degrees. This angle will make it easier to access and clean beneath the keys.

Step 4: Use Compressed Air

Use compressed air to blow away loose dust and debris from the keyboard. Start from the top and work your way down, ensuring that you cover the entire keyboard.

Step 5: Brush Away Remaining Debris

Using a soft brush or a clean, dry toothbrush, brush the keyboard to dislodge any remaining dirt or crumbs. Be thorough but delicate to avoid damaging the keys.

Step 6: Alcohol Cleaning

Dampen a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol and clean the areas around the keys. This will help remove any stubborn stains or sticky residue. Be cautious not to saturate the keyboard.

Step 7: Let It Dry

Allow your MacBook to air dry for at least 15-20 minutes before powering it back on. This ensures that the alcohol has evaporated and won’t harm your device.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Your MacBook is more than a piece of technology; it’s an essential part of your daily life. Whether you use it for work, school, or leisure, keeping it in top condition is crucial for a smooth and efficient experience. One often overlooked aspect of MacBook maintenance is keeping the keyboard clean. Here’s why regular maintenance, like cleaning under the MacBook keyboard, is so important.

1. Enhanced Performance

A clean keyboard translates to improved performance. Dust, crumbs, and dirt accumulating beneath the keys can hinder keypresses and even lead to keys sticking or not registering at all. Regular cleaning ensures that your MacBook functions as as the day you bought it.

2. Prolonged Lifespan

MacBooks are an investment, and you want yours to last as long as possible. Neglecting keyboard maintenance can result in long-term damage. Debris beneath the keys can scratch the display when the laptop is closed, and it can also impact the internal components. By cleaning, you can extend your MacBook’s lifespan.

3. Avoid Costly Repairs

Repairing or replacing a damaged MacBook keyboard can be expensive and time-consuming. By keeping your keyboard clean, you can prevent issues that might need professional intervention. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to avoid unnecessary expenses.

4. Aesthetics and Hygiene

A dirty keyboard isn’t a functional problem; it’s also an aesthetic one. Crumbs and stains can mar the look of your MacBook, diminishing its sleek appearance. Moreover, a clean keyboard is more hygienic, as it prevents the accumulation of bacteria and germs.

5. Smooth Typing Experience

For writers, students, and anyone who spends a lot of time typing on their MacBook, a clean keyboard is essential. Sticky or unresponsive keys can slow you down and lead to frustration.

6. Maintain Resale Value

If you ever decide to sell or upgrade your MacBook, a well-maintained keyboard can add value to your device. Buyers are more likely to pay a premium for a MacBook that looks and functions like new.

Preventing Keyboard Issues in the Future

It’s time to take proactive measures to prevent keyboard issues in the first place now that you know how to keep a clean MacBook keyboard. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your MacBook keyboard remains trouble-free for years to come.

1. Practice Good Hygiene

One of the simplest ways to prevent keyboard issues is to maintain personal hygiene while using your MacBook. Clean your hands before typing to avoid transferring oils, dirt, and grime to the keys. This small habit can go a long way in keeping your keyboard clean.

2. Avoid Eating and Drinking Over Your MacBook

Crumb-laden snacks and liquid spills are common culprits for keyboard problems. To prevent accidents, refrain from eating or drinking over your MacBook. If you must snack while working, use a separate table or desk.

3. Use a Keyboard Cover

Investing in a keyboard cover is an excellent way to shield your MacBook’s keyboard from dust and debris. These thin, transparent covers are easy to clean and can prevent particles from falling between the keys.

4. Clean Your Workspace

Dust and dirt in your workspace can find their way into your keyboard. Clean your desk or work area to reduce the potential for debris buildup.

5. Keep Your MacBook Closed When Not in Use

When you’re not using your MacBook, keep it closed or store it in a protective case. This simple step can prevent dust from settling on the keyboard and screen.

6. Use Compressed Air

You don’t have to wait until your keyboard is dirty to use compressed air. Give your MacBook’s keyboard a gentle blast of compressed air to dislodge any potential debris.

7. Update Your Operating System

Ensure that your MacBook’s operating system is up to date. Software updates often include improvements that can enhance keyboard functionality and reliability.

8. Be Gentle with Your Keyboard

Typing too can lead to keycap damage. Be mindful of your typing technique and avoid excessive force when pressing keys.

9. Inspect Your Keyboard

Take a moment to inspect your keyboard for any visible issues or debris. Address any problems you notice to prevent them from worsening.

Cleaning MacBook Keyboards: Do’s and Don’ts

Cleaning your MacBook keyboard is important to keep it working well and looking good. But you need to be careful not to damage it. Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do:


Use Compressed Air: To get rid of dust and dirt, use compressed air. Hold your MacBook at a slight angle and blow air between the keys from one side to the other. This will help get rid of loose particles.

Microfiber Cloth: Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the keys and surface. Wipe the keyboard, making sure the fabric is clean. You can dampen the cloth with water for better cleaning but don’t make it too wet.

Isopropyl Alcohol (70% or higher): If you have stubborn stains or sticky stuff, use a bit of isopropyl alcohol on a damp microfiber cloth. Be careful not to let any liquid get into the keyboard.

Keyboard Cover: Think about using a keyboard cover or silicone skin to protect your MacBook’s keyboard from spills, dust, and dirt. You can take these off and clean them, which makes it less necessary to clean the keyboard itself often.


Don’t Use Too Much Liquid: Don’t use too much water or cleaning products on the keyboard. Too much liquid can go under the keys and harm your MacBook.

Don’t Use Sharp Things: Don’t try to clean between the keys with sharp objects like knives, paperclips, or toothpicks. These can damage the keys or push dirt further into the keyboard.

Don’t Tilt Your MacBook Too Much: When using compressed air, don’t tilt your MacBook too much, or the dirt might go deeper into the keyboard. Keep it at a slight angle to blow out the particles.

Don’t Be Too Rough: Be gentle when cleaning your MacBook keyboard. Being too forceful when wiping or pressing keys can damage them or what’s underneath.

Remember to keep your MacBook keyboard in good shape with regular cleaning, so you won’t have to deal with a very dirty or broken keyboard later. If you need more clarification on cleaning your MacBook, it’s a good idea to get help from a professional or contact Apple Support for advice.

Professional Cleaning Services for MacBook Users

If you have a MacBook and want it cleaned, here are some easy-to-understand options:

Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider

You can go to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider. They know how to clean your MacBook without harming it. Book an appointment or visit them for help.

Third-Party Electronics Repair Shops

Some other shops fix Apple stuff too. They can clean your MacBook’s keyboard and more. But make sure you choose a good one that knows what they’re doing.

Online Tech Support Services

Some companies on the internet can help you clean your MacBook. They can guide you or even clean it for you through the internet. It’s handy if you don’t want to go anywhere.

Tech Cleaning Services

Laptops and MacBooks get special cleaning services. They use special tools and cleaning stuff to clean your MacBook’s keyboard and screen. You can find them in big cities or online.

Choose a cleaning service based on their reputation, experience, certificates, and what other people say. Make sure they know all about Apple stuff and follow the right cleaning rules to keep your MacBook safe. Also, ask about the cost and if they have any guarantees for their work.

Maintaining a Clean and Functional Workspace

A clean and functional workspace is crucial for productivity and well-being. Declutter your area by removing unnecessary items and organizing supplies. Cable management prevents tangles and hazards. Clean your desk and equipment to remove dust and spills. Invest in storage solutions like filing cabinets and shelves to keep things organized and out of sight.

Label folders and sort documents for easy access. Maintain your computer, keyboard, and screens. Ensure ergonomic comfort with an adjustable chair, proper desk height, and check placement. Personalize your space but avoid excessive distractions. Develop a daily cleanup routine to keep your workspace tidy. Review and adapt your organization to fit changing needs.

Keep your computer desktop clean and organize digital files and emails using these principles too. Integrate plants for improved air quality and natural light to boost mood and productivity. Having a clean, functional workspace improves efficiency, reduces stress, and makes everyone happier.


Knowing how to clean under your MacBook keyboard is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of your device. Follow these simple steps to keep your MacBook keyboard working well and avoid problems. This will make sure you have a smooth and fun time using your computer. 


How often should I clean my MacBook keyboard? 

Regular cleaning, at least every few months, is recommended to prevent dust and debris buildup.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner to clean my MacBook keyboard? 

It’s not advisable, as vacuum cleaners can generate static electricity and damage your MacBook.

Is it safe to use isopropyl alcohol on my MacBook keyboard? 

Yes, but use it and ensure your MacBook is powered off during the cleaning process.

What if my MacBook keyboard is still sticky after cleaning? 

If issues persist, consider seeking professional cleaning or repair services.

Can I remove individual MacBook keys for cleaning? 

Usually, it’s not a good idea to take off keys unless you know what you’re doing. Doing it wrong can break the key or make the keyboard stop working.

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